Welcome dear foreign visitors!

I am Maria Molnar from Budapest, Hungary. As a holistic interior designer and Aura-Soma colour consultant I believe that the invisible thoughts, emotions are reflected in our colour choices and in the environment; and that the quality of the space around us is equal to the quality of our life. Therefore I have developed a method which approximates a different perspective on the practice of interior design.

One of the basic elements of the holistic interior design is the conscious use of colours in the environment. In my holistic design work I apply primarily a special colour therapy, Aura-Soma Colour System. Everyone has a favourite colour which tries to wear not only the dress but use at home as well. Why do we love or why reject certain nuances, how can the colours affect us at all and aware these answers how and where can we use them. The Aura-Soma Colour System as a colour therapy helps us to answer these questions This wonderful philosophy of colour, fragrant oils in small bottles in front of us is capable of revealing the innermost selves, supports to recognize the colours of our souls. Thus the holistic design process helps us to visualize our souls in our home therefore we can feel harmony and balance and can recharge after a busy day.

On THIS PAGE you will find the Aura-Soma colour combinations where you should click on numbers to see inspirational pictures for your home.